John Darwin

John Darwin is co-founder of the Centre. He has been running in courses in Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement at Sheffield Hallam University [and elsewhere] since 2010, and to date the Centre has introduced mindfulness to more than 1000 people.

After taking a PG Diploma in Community Organisation, John’s first career was in community work in north east England; he then joined Newcastle City Council as a local government officer, later becoming a Chief Officer with Sheffield City Council. He then became an academic, teaching on Masters and Doctoral programmes at Sheffield Business School. During this time he took Masters degrees in Mathematical Logic and in Business Administration, and completed a Doctorate on “Complexity Theory and Fuzzy Logic in Strategic Management”. He has written a number of books, including The Enterprise Society, Developing Strategies for Change [with Phil Johnson and John McAuley], and Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement.

John has practised meditation [in the SotoZen tradition] for more than 25 years, and is an enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and QiGong. Since leaving full time employment he has been studying, practising, and teaching mindfulness. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approaches, and a Master of Science [with distinction] in Mindfulness Studies.

John is currently a Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Business School, a Teaching Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, and the Buddhist Faith Advisor at Sheffield Hallam University