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Update September 2020


Following the success of our recent online course in Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement [MBLE] we are running another beginning on Wednesday 30 September. This will be five weeks in duration.

Each session will run from 18.00 to 20.30, and the course will conclude on Wednesday 28 October. We shall be using Zoom.

The course will introduce you to MBLE, which includes formal mindfulness [meditation], informal mindfulness and mindful movement. We shall explore the Four Immeasurables [Loving Kindness, Compassion, Empathetic Joy and Equanimity], as well as several aspects of Positive Psychology, including Gratitude, Savouring, Challenging Negative Thinking, Forgiveness, Optimism and Hope. The course will be primarily experiential, with supporting material to help you develop and sustain your practice of mindfulness.

If you wish to apply please email us at courses@mindfulenhance.org confirming that you can meet the attendance requirements. These courses are offered without charge - we ask only for your full commitment to attend all the sessions.


The Centre now runs live online mindfulness sessions using Zoom. The sessions last an hour and include meditations, mindful movement and breakouts. They take place on Tuesdays at 1300. For more details please get in touch below. We have also made freely available meditations from these sessions. These can be accessed here: Meditations for Turbulent Times and here: Pillars of Joy


The online version of our course in Mindful Ageing is now available, and feedback on the course has been very positive. This has been designed as an eight week programme, following the format of our MBLE and Mindful Ageing courses which we have run for the last decade. The structure allows participants to take the course at their own pace, and there is access from the documents to all our guided meditations, including a number specially created for this programme. There are videos of mindful movement, and short videos and presentations which explain the key principles of mindfulness and mindful ageing.

Some comments from participants:

  • “I feel more at peace, less rushed, and there seems to be more time! And mindfulness has hooked me. I’ll not be stopping at the end of the eight weeks; there’s enough material in this programme to last a lifetime – although I do have my favourite meditations that I greatly enjoy repeating!”

  • “I have now completed the eight week online course. The learning process will continue. My intention for doing the course was to enhance my life with mindful living. This has been the best thing that has happened to me in the lockdown! The format of the course is excellent.”

  • “The format is quite magnificent. Each part leads one easily into the next; the links are easy to follow, and it is a simple step to return each time to one’s current session. The thought that has gone into tailoring the meditations to each session’s theme is impressive, and I enjoyed doing the new meditations, and then returning to some of the more familiar ones.”

The course also includes a number of additional resources designed to help participants develop their practice of mindfulness and understanding of mindful ageing. You can find more details about the course in our leaflet: Mindful Ageing Course. If you would like access to this free course please email us: courses@mindfulenhance.org . Additionally, please pass the message on to anyone else you think may be interested.

Information on other mindfulness resources is being shared on Facebook at Sheffield Mindfulness


Many people have asked for easier access to our short meditations - lasting, five, ten or fifteen minutes. These are now available with the following link, which will take you to a page from which you can play or download them. We hope you enjoy.

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