MBLE Course Outline

Our courses involve both formal and informal mindfulness. The formal practice involves a variety of mindfulness meditations, including:

          • Sitting meditation [including mindfulness of the breath, of sounds and thoughts]
          • Guided visualisations
          • Body Scan
          • Mindful walking
          • Mindful movement [gentle yoga and qigong]
          • Three minute breathing space
          • Dialogue and communication
          • The Four Immeasurables [loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity]

Informal practice is about having mindful moments throughout the day where you are conscious of what is happening, what you are doing and experiencing. The course will also look at the relationship of mindfulness to positive psychology, and will explore the negativity bias, savouring, optimism, hope, gratitude and forgiveness – and again, this will be primarily through experience, not exposition. Mindfulness has been shown to be helpful in many situations, including stress reduction, but please note that this is not a therapy course – the intention is to provide you with training and practice which will help enhance your mindfulness, both formal and informal.

In addition to the sessions, there will be home activity of 30-45 minutes each day, involving guided mindfulness activities [these will be obtainable from our website] and mindful movement. So there is a fair amount of activity involved – and it is important to be ready and willing to do this if you want to get the best out of the course!

Please note that it is expected that you will commit to:

          • Attending all weekly sessions
          • Attending the Day of Practice
          • Doing the Home Activity
          • You also need to have an smartrphone or mp3 player and the means to transfer files from the website to this

Our open course is offered free and without charge.