MBLE: The Book

MBLE: The book, based on the course, has recently been published.

MBLE draws upon Buddhist philosophy and psychology, as well as a variety of other disciplines, including Ancient Greek philosophy, social psychology, positive psychology, and learning theory. The first part of the book explains MBLE, looking at the role of mindfulness, mindful learning, the Four Immeasurables, and Positive Psychology. An important feature here are the comments from MBLE participants which illustrate key themes.

The second part evaluates the course, drawing on a variety of methods, and drawing in particular on the firstperson experience of participants. The discussion then extends to reflect on what has been learnt, and gives a specific example by considering the implications for senior citizens. Even if you are not one, this should be of interest to you, because you hopefully will be in due course! The final chapter extends this argument to show what mindfulness based enhanced living involves.

You can buy the electronic version of the book for £10 [12 Euros] at https://www.inspiredbylearning.eu/book/4

Extracts from reviews of the book:

“Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement is a beautifully written, well informed and inspiring exploration into how practising mindfulness can indeed enhance our lives. Linked to an eight week mindfulness training course, it offers insights into both Buddhist and secular writings on mindfulness along with philosophical and positive psychological ones. It tackles the thorny issue of the relationship between mindfulness and compassion training and highlights the importance of the link between attention and intention (motivation) it is the intention that sets the course and how our minds become organised. Diagrams and summaries are immensely useful. A book to treasure and come back to repeatedly.”

Professor Paul Gilbert OBE

John Darwin’s book is important because it brings mindfulness into perspective as a mind training for everybody. He also offers a wealth of useful diagrams and tales depicting the stages of training and how these bring about changes in the mind. If you want both a practical guide to becoming mindful and an exposition of how the process works, this is the book you have been looking for.

Rob Nairn, International Mindfulness Teacher and Author

John Darwin skilfully integrates the four immeasurable qualities of love, compassion, joy and equanimity into his Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement programme. For anyone practising at the cutting edge of mindfulness and compassion, this book is highly recommended.

Choden, Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher and Author

“This book charts a journey in Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement. Drawing on a range of disciplines, it introduces a number of themes to both challenge and inspire those who wish to explore the benefits of living a more mindful life. It offers an opportunity to learn and reflect on both philosophy and practice; the first-person accounts are refreshing in their honesty and provide insight into how mindfulness practice has supported people in finding equanimity and developing resilience. It is undoubtedly a book to savour.”

Sue Marriott, Deputy Head, Department of Management, Sheffield Business School