MBLE Course

Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement (MBLE)© is an approach to mindfulness.

Like many Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs) this is often run as an eight-week course [and also as a six week course], including a Day of Practice and regular home activity. Unlike some MBIs it is non-clinical and open to everyone. The core philosophy is that mindfulness is as much about increasing the positive as it is about reducing the negative; hence the name Life Enhancement.

The term ‘Life Enhancement’ was deliberately chosen to emphasise the positive aspects. What has become clear is that ‘enhancement’ applies much more generally.

          • We are already mindful at times; formal mindfulness practices enhance this capability
          • We recognise the problems that automatic pilot, negative thinking and rumination can cause, but may not have explored the full consequences and seen the possibilities of changing our relationship to these
          • We display the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity at times, but all of these can be deepened and enhanced through formal practice
          • We all have our own levels of optimism, hope, gratitude and forgiveness, but these can be extended and enhanced
          • We know how to savour, but often lose sight of its full potential, especially when we get trapped on the hedonic treadmill
          • We understand the importance of the link between mind and body, but this understanding can be easily lost, and can be enhanced through mindful movement
          • We all have existing values and our own worldview; MBLE should be compatible with these and an enhancement of what we already have.

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