Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is very important in MBLE. Each class includes two 15 minute periods of Movement, either standing, sitting, lying or walking. These are not designed as exercise, but as ways to enhance the relationship between mind and body, adding to the experience of the Bodyscan. The practices are drawn from yoga and Qigong. Here is what some participants have to say:

      • I sit quietly and reflect on what is happening and awareness of my own body I am aware of my surroundings and physical sensations when walking to work or to other places – mindful walking
      • I have found the bodyscan particularly helpful in terms of being more aware of self and body and I’ve managed to fit that into my weekly routine.
      • I hope I will continue to put everything into practice. I have joined a yoga class. I hope I can see the techniques and resources to enhance my life and be mindful of my behaviour when with others. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all – a knowledge of mindfulness can only be beneficial
      • I am doing my yoga practice at home more regularly and mindfully
      • I have always really enjoyed walking but would often find my mind wandering and I wouldn’t really take in the things around me. Since starting the course I have tried to stay more present in the moment and have started to appreciate things around me more. Yoga has helped me to relax and sleep better which, in turn, has helped to make me less tired, reduce stress and make me feel more positive.
      • I am more self-aware and in touch with my body re sensations of tenseness, relaxation etc.
      • It stimulated me to exercise more, and make more effort to get out and about. I’m more patient with those around me.

Spoken guided instructions links below:

C09 Sitting Yoga

C10 Standing Yoga

C11 Lying Yoga

C12 Walking Meditation