Short Meditations: Jewel Programmes

General Guidance To The Jewel Programmes

Each programme is designed so that you can do something every day – some formal meditation and some Mindful Movement. If you don’t manage to do something on a given day, don’t beat yourself up about it! Just carry on again the next day.

      1. If you are already doing Yoga, TaiChi, Pilates or QiGong then do please count this as your Mindful Movement. If not, choose appropriate activities from the Mindful Movement sequences and do a few minutes when you can. I particularly recommend Cat, Pelvic Tilt/Bridge and Floppy Doll – but the choice is yours!
      2. The Programmes are not exclusive – feel free to combine different timings depending on your commitments each week, and of course you can include the longer programmes. Thus you do not need to make a sudden jump from, say, Emerald to Sapphire – instead you can gradually include activities from the latter.
      3. But of course, none of this is compulsory – choose whatever works for you.