Comments of Participants: Kindness and Compassion

Here is what participants have to say about the effect of the course in enhancing kindness and compassion:

        • It has been really helpful in supporting me to maintain a sense of myself in relation to my clients. Breathing meditation and yoga helps me ground myself between clients and becoming more aware of my breathing has helped me reflect more deeply on my own feelings and what might be going on for my client. Mindfulness also supports to be more compassionate with myself and kind.
        • Acts of kindness – particularly helpful to think of these and put kindness into practice when driving
        • I make a positive step to perform an act of kindness at least once everyday.
        • I have noticed that I am more considerate of other people, a better listener, much less inclined to snappy irritation.
        • I have tried to be more thoughtful and considerate to others , I have tried to take more time and be more patient and to listen to other people’s thoughts/ wants and needs
        • The year hasn’t been good for many people close to me, but I have been able to support them better by focussing on the positives in life and savouring what we have
        • Loving kindness – learning to accept myself more instead of being so self-critical all the time. Compassion – I felt this was already a strong force in my working life, due to the nature of my work with people who are often in distress
        • I do try to be more aware of my reactions and the emotional response I am giving. I am particularly aware of compassion especially at this time of year.
        • I have managed to (so far) deal very effectively I think with a close relative’s diagnosis of dementia and parkinsonism – I have managed to carry on supporting others and not get too distressed by it all, I have coped with far more than I thought I could
        • I think I am able to be more patient with my very elderly mother whose memory is failing as I am thinking more about things from her perspective. Also sometimes allowing more time to talk with my close relatives and resisting the temptation to cut conversations short in order “to get things done”
        • More accepting of others so better relationships; Accept myself as I am more rather than wishing, pretending to be different